LabSolutions Insight Library Screening :MRM Spectrum Mode

Using ONE concept

ONE Instrument

ONE Injection 

ONE Workflow

to achieve two goals at once

High-Sensitivity Quantitation and High-Confidence Identification in ONE Run





Quantify and Identify using MRM Spectrum Mode

Step 1: Acquire data for all-available MRM (ion fragment) transitions

MRM Spectrum Mode
- Obtains same signal intensity for quantitation as conventional 2-MRM method
- Achieves uncompromised sensitivity with Shimadzu high-speed UFMS

Step 2: Generate the spectrum


Each fragment ion is optimized for the highest response giving a high-sensitivity mass spectrum.

Step 3: Compare with MRM library spectrum

MRM Spectrum Mode
- Achieves much higher confidence in compound identification than product ion scan.
- Reduces the possibility of false positive and false negative reporting to accelerate the data review process.

In Comparison to Existing Screening and Identification Workflows

Resources on MRM Spectrum Mode

Download these resources to learn more on MRM Spectrum Mode and find out how to apply it to accelerate your screening and identification workflow.

Application Notes

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Fully Automated Forensic Routine Dried Blood Spot Screening for Workplace Testing
Gaugler, S.; Al-Mazroua, M. K. et al., Journal of Analytical Toxicology,
Published: 01 October 2018.

Fully Automated Drug Screening of Dried Blood Spots using Online LC-MS/MS Analysis
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