Peakintelligence™ Ver.2

Peak Processing Optional Software for LabSolutions InsightTM


Problems with previous algorithms

Until now, peak-finding algorithms have required the user to fiddle with multiple parameter settings before they can start data processing. Also, when the algorithm can't deal with a chromatogram, an experienced user has to select the peak by hand. This all adds up to extra time and hassle.

Peak processing without parameter adjustment

Peakintelligence is a world-first*1 algorithm incorporating AI assistance to search for chromatography peaks. Having learnt peak processing skills from experienced users, the AI can process data with the same skill level. The algorithm can be implemented immediately without adjusting any parameters.*2

*1 As of August 2019, from internal research
*2 The algorithm cannot learn from the user's peak data

Easily process difficult chromatograms

Even when processing chromatograms that previous algorithms couldn't handle, Peakintelligence can reliably detect peaks without any parameter adjustment necessary.

Reduce data processing time for a wider compound range

Data processing time 

*Results based on test data from an internal study.

Number of compounds 


The "Peakintelligence" is an option for LabSolutions Insight, for use with the LC/MS/MS Method Package for Primary Metabolites or the LC/MS/MS Method Package for Cell Culture Profiling.


  • This product is compatible with data processing for analysis with the “LC/MS/MS Method Package for Cell Culture Profiling Ver. 1” and the “LC/MS/MS Method Package for Primary Metabolites Ver. 2”.
  • Due to the nature of the technology, there are times when processing results cannot be explained.
  • A software license for this product lasts 1 year and requires renewal each year. A 90-day demo licence is available.
  • R&D for this product was carried out as a collaboration between Shimadzu Corporation and Fujitsu Ltd.

LabSolutions Insight, Peakintelligence and LCMS are trademarks of Shimadzu Corporation.

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