LC/MS/MS Method Package for Bile Acids


A Complete Method for Analysis of 28 Bile Acids

Bile acids are primarily produced through the breakdown of cholesterol in the liver. Primary bile acids can then be conjugated with taurine or glycine and/or converted into secondary bile acids by gut bacteria. Their role as digestive surfactants to promote the absorption of lipids is well-known, but they also act as hormones in the regulation of various metabolic pathways.

Enzymatic assays or a total bile acid test have long been used to investigate liver functions. However, more detailed profiling of bile acids can provide additional information about pathologies in clinical research.

This method package is a complete solution for the quantitative analysis of 28 major primary and secondary bile acids, as well as their conjugates. It provides:

  • Robust chromatographic conditions to provide sufficient separation of isobaric species in a 17-minute run time.
  • Optimized MS/MS parameters for targeted bile acids and conjugates (up to three MRMs per compound).
  • Optimized MS/MS parameters for 10 commercially available internal standards, covering all the bile acid classes.
  • Instruction manual for method installation.


A Ready-Made Solution with Easy Processing

This method package can be implemented directly with Shimadzu’s LCMS-8050 and LCMS-8060 UFMS triple quadrupole mass spectrometers. Users can customize the target compound list to suit their needs.

In addition, with LabSolutions Insight, users can easily review results. Key information can be extracted rapidly thanks to advanced flagging functions.

Typical Mass Chromatograms

Target Bile Acid List

This method package was developed with the cooperation of Prof. Takeshi Bamba and Assoc. Prof. Yoshihiro Izumi of Kyushu University (Research Center for Transomics Medicine, Medical Institute of Bioregulation).



  1. LabSolutions LCMS Ver. 5.93 or later is required.
  2. Shimadzu gives no warranty regarding the accuracy of information included in the database or the usefulness of information obtained from using the database.

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