Accelerate Discovery

The LCMS-9050 is a Q-TOF mass spectrometer system designed with technologies developed for Shimadzu LCMS series models and that result in among the highest mass accuracy levels available.In addition to world-class reliability and fast polarity switching, it also offers a wide selection of optional accessories and products that can provide powerful support for creating all sorts of applications.
With the LCMS-9050, Shimadzu introduces a new era in mass spectrometry and continues Shimadzu’s tradition of taking on new challenges in LCMS.


Simpler Accurate Mass Spectrometry

  • Technologies inherited from the LCMS series
  • Stable long-term mass accuracy
  • Effortless tuning (Performance Assistant)
  • Easy maintenance

Provides High-Speed Polarity Switching Even with TOF

  • New Shimadzu technology: UFstabilization
  • Stability and high mass accuracy
  • A world of new applications
  • Eco-friendly

Accommodates a Variety of Needs

  • Diversity of optional equipment
  • Convenience of PESI × LCMS-9050
  • Comprehensiveness of SFC × LCMS-9050

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