LabSolutions Insight Biologics

A Dedicated Workspace for Oligonucleotide Characterization

LabSolutions Insight Biologics is a dedicated software platform for oligonucleotide characterization using the LCMS-9030 or LCMS-9050 quadrupole time-of-flight type (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer. Main product and impurity identification includes several core editors for sequence, nucleotides, linkers, ribose and base modifications. Together with processing and integration for target modifications, Insight Biologics is a comprehensive workspace for data review, processing, and reporting.


Insight Biologics provides an easy method to input sequence information, configure target modifications, and set data analysis parameters. Using sequence information, Biologics comprehensively identifies chain length differences, nucleotide gaps, modifications, conversions, adducts, and other impurities. Q-TOF Data Dependent Acquisition (DDA) records MS and MS/MS spectra. MS spectra are used to identify the molecular weights of impurities, and corresponding MS/MS fragment spectra are used to confirm sequences. Visual displays of sequence coverage enhance the confidence of identifications. Seamless processing and reporting with audit trail support make Insight Biologics a comprehensive solution for oligonucleotide characterization.




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