Dramatically Improved Productivity

Dramatically Improved Productivity with Simplified Maintenance and Automation Functions.

Easy Pyro-Tube Replacement

Shimadzu's unique horizontal redox cell makes it quicker to replace the inner pyro-tube. It is easy to access the inner pyro-tube and unnecessary to disassemble the redox cell.

Reliable and Effective Automation Functions are a First for the Industry

In comparison with other general GC detectors, SCD detectors have many units that must be controlled, and complicated procedures are necessary to prepare them for analysis. These procedures are usually performed manually. The Nexis SCD-2030 is equipped with a wealth of automation functions, so preparations such as gas control, temperature control, and conditioning can be finished with a single touch. When combined with LabSolutions workstation software, the instrument can start up with the optimal conditions at a specific date and time, and everything from system checks to starting and finishing analysis to system shutdown can be performed automatically. Automating the processes previously performed by an operator supports a more efficient workflow, and can also prevent damage and degradation of detectors due to human error.

Automatic Conditioning (Aging) Function

Periodic conditioning (oxygen aging) of the pyro-tube is an effective way of maintaining high sensitivity. With the Nexis SCD-2030, this conditioning can be implemented with easy settings in order to maintain instrument performance. Additionally, when the instrument is restarted during inner pyro-tube replacement, conditioning can be implemented automatically.

Automatic Notifications to Replace Consumables

The system automatically monitors the number of times the consumables have been used, and for how long. It then notifies the user when it is time for replacement or inspection.

  • Cumulative High Temperature Usage Time for the Inner/Outer Pyro-Tubes
  • Pump Maintenance Parts
  • Ozone Scrubber Usage Time

Change in Peak Area for Dodecanethiol After Instrument Startup

Significantly Reduced Instrument Startup Time

With the newly designed, high-efficiency redox cell, the time needed from when the instrument is completely stopped until analysis can start has been dramatically shortened. This is thanks to stable temperature control, high-accuracy gas flowrate control, and limited impact on columns from the inlet tube. Additionally, maintenance on the injection port of the GC can be implemented without stopping the detector.

Note: When the inner pyro-tube is replaced, conditioning will be necessary, and stabilization will take time. The behavior might differ if the detector gas is not pure enough.

Seamless LabSolutions™ Control

Our renowned LabSolution workstation software integrates GC and LC control, and offers further functional improvements.

The Nexis SCD-2030 can be controlled seamlessly with LabSolutions software.

User-Friendly Interface

With an intuitive user interface and a wealth of wizard functions to support parameter entry, LabSolutions navigates the user through instrument operations. It is equipped with a wealth of functions, including a highly flexible report creation function.

Reliable Data Management

LabSolutions CS/DB can be used to store and manage measured data files with a database. Logging the analysis data can prevent mistakes such as overwriting or deletion of analysis data, as well as data tampering. LabSolutions DB enables the data to be collated and managed from a single PC. LabSolutions CS manages all analysis data in a server computer database, so that the data can be loaded to any PC on the network.

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