Comprehensive GCxGC System

Comprehensive GC-MS (GCxGC-MS) System is a powerful technique that provides two-dimensional chromatography data acquisition capability.


Shimadzu’s Comprehensive GC-MS (GCxGC-MS) System is suited for a variety of applications, including analysis of complex matrices such as a natural products that are hard analyze by conventional GC or GC-MS, and grouping analysis based on two-dimensional chromatograph patterns.

Application Examples:

Food, Flavor & Fragrance, Environment, Petrochemical etc,


Separation of Overlapping Peaks

Peaks with similar boiling points that could not be separated adequately with one-dimensional chromatography can now be separated based on differences in polarity. This allows analysis of components that previously were difficult to separate in samples with complex matrices.

Image Patterns Show Compound Structure

GCxGC provides image patterns that can be correlated to compound structure; this capability is especially useful for grouping analysis of mixtures containing many components.

Analysis of Diesel Oil

The image shows patterns that indicate the number of benzene rings and number of carbons.

Comprehensive chromatography will be contains enormous peaks. To certainly detect these peaks, UFMS (Ultra Fast Mass Spectrometry) must be need. Shimadzu's UFMS technologies, which minimize sensitivity losses even at faster scan speeds, can detect these peaks.

Data Analysis Software, ChromSquare

A 2D map, chromatogram view, mass spectrum, and spot information can be displayed in the same window. In addition to being able to directly import data from GCMSsolution,ChromSquare can also use GCMSsolution mass spectra search technology.


ChromSquare is a product of Chromaleont srl in Italy.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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