SALD-MS Series

The most basic or most typical means of measurement used in laser diffraction particle size analyzers is circulation measurement. Circulation measurement is achieved on the SALD-2300 and SALD-7500 by the SALD-MS series multifunction sampler. As shown in the configuration and structure figures below, particle size distribution is measured while the particle group dispersed in liquid medium is circulated between the dispersing bath in the multifunction sampler and the flow cell located inside the measuring unit (optical system). Even when measuring samples having a wide distribution width on a multifunction sampler, it is less likely to be affected by sampling error since a relatively large amount of sample is measured. Another feature of a multifunction sampler is that it is less likely to be affected by sedimentation of particles even when measuring samples having a relatively large particle size or large density since the sample is circulated during measurement. Even when a sampling unit such as a batch cell that can accommodate smaller sample amounts is adopted, ultimately the measurement results obtained by using a multifunction sampler are the basis for selection of a sampling unit.

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