High Sensitivity and Linearity


The SPD-20A UV-VIS detectors achieve the highest level of detection sensitivity 0.5 x 10(-5)AU and linearity (2.5AU) by electronic noise elimination and a temperature-controlled flow cell. This performance is ideal for everyday needs and especially suitable for high-sensitivity analyses such as impurity quantitation. The SPD-M20A Photo-diode Array detector offers a sensitivity level that, at 0.6 x 10(-5) AU, is comparable to that of UV-VIs detectors.


Minimized Sample Carryover


Adsorption of sample constituents has been reduced to an absolute minimum by using a special processing technology for the sampling needle (patent pending) and rethinking the structure of the needle seal and the materials used in flow-line parts. As a result, there is hardly any sample carryover. Greater accuracy has been attained by incorporating a high-performance sampling device that can measure our the samples with high precision.


Analysis Stability


The SPD-20A/20AV and SPD-M20A are equipped with a temperature-controlled flow cell as a standard feature. This helps increase the baseline stability and the analysis reliability.
Effect of Temperature-Controlled Flow Cell


Higher Flow Rate Accuracy


The flow-rate accuracy and precision in the micro-flow-rate region have been improved thanks to the adoption of a new type of check valve and modifications to the solvent-delivery control method. This makes the Prominence an ideal front-end for high-sensitivity analysis with LC-MS.

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