Profiling Solution Ver. 1.1

Combining Profiling Solution and multivariate analysis software allows analysis of the disposition of and difference between multiple data gained from LC/MS and GC/MS.

* : LCMS-8050, LCMS-8040, LCMS-8030, LCMS-2020, LCMS-IT-TOF, GCMS-QP2010 Ultra

Automatic extraction and display of peaks from a large number of data files

Simply choose multiple data files and click the [Run] button to perform peak picking and list the m/z values, retention times, and signal intensities for each peak. This table can be used as data for multivariate analysis.

Significant peak list

Various calculation functions, such as filtering and normalizing, make it possible to perform data preprocessing of a multivariate analysis. Retention time adjustment is performed between data and a peak shift is rectified

Easy peak confirmation

Chromatograms and mass spectra of each data file can be displayed in a list.

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