Hexavalent Chrome Analysis System

Hexavalent Chrome Analysis System

Hexavalent Chrome Analysis System

Easy Quantitative Analysis of Hexavalent Chrome bya Diphenylcarbazide Colorimetric Method Complyingwith JIS H 8625The reagent packs (manufactured by Kyoritsu Chemical-Check Lab., Corp.) allow easy quantitative analysis ofhexavalent chrome.The hexavalent chrome calibration curve for the KyoritsuChemical-Check reagent is included in the Shimadzuwater analysis program pack. No calibration curve creationis required during sample quantitation.Simply follow the instructions on the screen to automaticallycalculate and display the hexavalent chrome concentration.A buzzer sounds to notify when measurement is complete.

Configuration of the Hexavalent Chrome Analysis System

Shimadzu UVmini-1240 Spectrophotometer

(160 VA, 50/60 Hz, 416 (W) 379 (D) x 274 (H) mm, 11 kg)

Water Analysis Program Pack


Modular dry bath (with modular block)

Modular dry bath (with modular block)100 mL measuring cylinder, 300 mL beaker18 mm dia. x 180 mm test tubes with scale markings(pack of 50), Z-shaped test-tube rack,3 mL measuring pipette, timer

Hexavalent chrome reagent pack

Manufactured by Kyoritsu Chemical-Check Lab., Corp. (contents for 50 analyses), (Reagent No. 31, Cr6+)

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