Boosted efficiency ion source(BEIS)

An ion source that dramatically increases the sensitivity of GC-MS/MS

As the capabilities of GC-MS/MS equipment have improved in recent years, it has come to be used for analysis of toxic compounds such as POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants). Equipment sensitivity is of great importance for the analysis of low concentrations of these highly-toxic compounds,.
The BEIS (Boosted Efficiency Ion Source) maximizes ionization efficiency through optimizing the focal point of the electron beam in EI ionization. This achieves 4 times*1 the sensitivity of previous ion sources, allowing reliable analyses of low concentrations that until now have not been possible. This is effective for analyzing POPs in environmental samples.

*1 The increase in sensitivity is dependent on the compound.

Principle of BEIS

By optimizing the focal point of the electron beams, the rate at which electrons collide with the molecule is increased, even with the same number of electrons being produced at the filament. The ionization rate increases accordingly, enabling higher sensitivity*2.

*2 Depending on usage, the lifetime of the filament may be shortened compared to previous models. Please contact a Shimadzu sales representative for details.


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