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Detector Switching System

The detector switching system uses a switching element at the column outlet to direct eluites into multiple detectors. In contrast to a detector splitting system which involves loss of sensitivity for each detector, this flow path switching system directs the entire eluted component from the column to the appropriate detector, resulting in application of 100% of the mass of each component to the most sensitive detector. For example, when analyzing a mixture of inorganic gases and trace hydrocarbons, even if the sample can be separated in a single column, it is difficult for a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) to detect the inorganic gases and trace hydrocarbons simultaneously. It is necessary, therefore, to perform the analysis twice, using a TCD and flame ionization detector (FID). In such a case, a switching element can be used to send the hydrocarbons to the FID detector and the inorganic gases to the TCD detector. There is no loss of detector sensitivity, as the full sample volume reaches each detector. It can direct only the target components separated in the column into the selective detector, while venting solvents and impurity components that are not required by the detector. This achieves high sensitivity while avoiding contamination of the selective detector. This system uses the MDGC/GCMS-2010 Series switching element that offers unparalleled separation capacity.

Major Applications

  • Analysis of specific components in a sample containing many impurity components
  • Trace analysis (pesticide/environmental analysis, etc.)
  • Target analytes in natural product matricies such as:Essential Oil extracts
  • Flavor compounds in sample extracts
  • Petroleum distillation fractions
  • Drugs and metabolites in biological matrices

Free dedicated software simplifies method development

Dedicated software simplifies setup by point and click graphical development of the switching time program.

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