The Benefits of CLAM-2000 Automation on LC-MS/MS Workflows

The Benefits of CLAM-2000 Automation on LC-MS/MS Workflows

Seamless Automation

The CLAM-2000 not only automates common steps in LC-MS/MS sample preparation protocols, but it delivers the sample to the LC autosampler for injection. Most often, sample preparation involves protein precipitation and derivatization and the CLAM-2000 provides all of the functions required to execute these critical steps.

Reduces Operator Errors

Once the samples and the filtration/collection vials are loaded into the sample carousel, users use a touch panel screen to queue the samples and order the methods. Once loaded, all steps are automatically performed including the LC-MS/MS analysis. Removing the operator from the process in effect removes operator error, thus increasing reproducibility.

Increased Laboratory Efficiency and Safety

Laboratory staff will no longer be tied to a bench, processing samples. Operators will simply need to load samples and reagents, create the batch and press start. Exposure to samples are minimized and all potentially hazardous waste is isolated inside the CLAM until it can be disposed of according to proper laboratory safety procedures.

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