Multifunctional Autosampler Dramatically Improves GC/MS Analysis Productivity

Accommodates Three GC/MS Sample Introduction Methods

The AOC-6000 accommodates three sample introduction methods: liquid injection, headspace (HS) injection, and solid-phase microextraction (SPME) injection, enabling the analysis of samples in various forms. The system switches between sample introduction methods automatically, enabling continuous operation combining different sample introduction methods.

Automated Pretreatment Enhances Reliability of Data

The dilution factors of standard samples can be automatically adjusted due to the automatic syringe exchanging (10 μL to 1,000 μL) and mixing functions. By analyzing both standard and unknown samples in a single analysis run, everything, from creation of the calibration curve to quantitation of unknown samples, can be carried out automatically.*1

Simple to Operate from GCMSsolution

The AOC-6000 is controlled by GCMSsolution GC/MS software. Analysis accuracy control is easy since the AOC-6000 and GC/MS analysis conditions are stored with the measured data. An overlap function can also be used to heighten the efficiency of continuous analyses.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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