To protect the world's most vital resources and address analytical questions in environment protection

A clean environment is the basis for any life on earth. Whether water, soil or air – keeping the environment clean for the protection of all creatures is, and should be, the primary responsibility of any society. Analytical instrumentation is a key technology to measure the status of environmental conditions, this means to diagnose, evaluate and control pollution.

Quality for life

Pure water is the source of life. Its quality can be affected by land contamination when toxic elements find their way into ground- and drinking water. From there, contamination influences crop farming and as result our food and grocery products. Air and atmosphere suffer from emissions resulting from production of industrial, private and agricultural activities.

Our solutions

As a company for consumer and product safety, Shimadzu offers the entire bandwidth of technologies to cover environmental applications challenges through various analytical instrumentation technologies - chromatography, mass spectrometry (GC-MS, LC-MS, MALDI), sum parameter (TOC), chip electrophoresis, and spectroscopy (UV-Vis, FTIR, AAS, ICP-OES). These high-quality products underline Shimadzu's value proposition of Excellence in Science. They combine productivity, accuracy and regulatory requirements. A vast number of solution-oriented application notes provide an indication of where environmental analysis challenges occur and how to solve them.

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Coverstory LCGC (Germany) „Spurenanatyik flüchtiger organischer Verbindungen“

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